Waterproofing Services

We cover all facets of waterproofing and tiling services, from small domestic repairs and services to larger commercial jobs. We provide all the equipment, waterproofing compounds, adhesives, and glues, along with sealants that are required for the job to save you from the stress of getting this organised. Our expert service is exclusively founded on a passion for what we execute.

Waterproofing is the most vital part of the job when it comes to bathroom tiling because if executed incorrectly, the tiles would eventually fail to block the water from leaking. We provide no obligation assessment of your bathroom remodelling plan to make certain your tiling is done right.

At NRA Tiling, we specialise in waterproofing work for residential homes as well as commercial businesses. This spectrum of services combined with our exceptional workmanship means our residential and business clients recommend NRA Tiling time and again.

Prominent Waterproofing Solutions

We provide outstanding workmanship, cutting-edge solutions and unrivalled levels of client satisfaction. We never forget that the customer is the one in charge and we endeavour at all times to provide a service that exceeds our customers expectations. 

Whilst our services have been constantly proved to be successful, it requires the skill and experience of an expert team to ensure the correct application of the selected system or product.

We provide quality waterproofing services and our expertise allows us to offer a point of difference with standard waterproofing and tiling solutions for exterior and interior jobs.

Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing Services

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