Subtle changes can add the WOW factor and completely transform your home.

Choose elements that aren’t too expensive and won’t take too much time or be difficult to tweak down the track if your taste changes.

5 ways to change your home from drab to fab

Add a statement splashback

Installing a tiled splashback in your kitchen is a relatively easy way to transform and add a focal point to your kitchen. A splashback adds texture and personality to your kitchen. Classic subway tiles for example, are cost effective, timeless and will make your kitchen look fantastic.

Create a fancy feature wall

A colourful feature wall can liven up and add depth to a neutral room. Wallpaper can also be effective for this purpose and can add real personality to a room. Be mindful of extremely busy patterns though as you don’t want the feature wall to be so loud that you can’t take your eyes off it!

Think of your outdoor flooring

Tiling pathways, driveways and alfresco areas can really increase the wow factor of your home and add a touch of luxe that concrete can’t achieve. A tiled pathway or driveway leading to your home will increase it’s street appeal.

See the light

Lighting can totally transform a space and is one of the easiest things you can adapt. Lighting sets the mood of a room and in the home it needs to be practical, but there is still plenty of room for feature lighting! Chandeliers over dining tables, pendant lighting in kitchens and think mood lighting in bedrooms!

Add a mirror

Big, bold mirrors can add glam to a room and make it seem significantly bigger and brighter. Consider the mirrors reflection when choosing it’s location, you want it to reflect something pretty!

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