Often when tiling a bathroom the main question is “what size tile should I choose?”

When choosing tiles for your bathroom it is important to know that tile size can be used to your advantage.

Should I choose large or small tiles for my bathroom?

Despite what you may think, the size of the tile shouldn’t determine the size of the room!

Tips for tile size in bathrooms:

  • Visually large tiles can in fact make a small room feel larger due to less clutter on the wall from grout space. This creates a modern, simple, crisp space.
  • Using the same larger floor tiles up one wall is one way to make a feature wall, as well as elongating the room and adding elegance.
  • Using a similar coloured grout to the tile will also create less clutter and give the impression of a larger room and make the larger tiles flow better in the space. Remember, larger tiles also mean less grout, which means less cleaning of grout!
  • It can also come down to personal preference. There are no rules, if smaller mosaic style tiles are more your style or you want to use them for a feature area then choose tiles and colours that blend well together to keep the look clean and contemporary.

Large tiles are on trend right now and there is no need to be scared of using them in a small bathroom. Another option is to use the same tile in different sizes for the different areas of your bathroom.

It is always useful to consult a tile specialist who will also have expertise in design. Re-tiling is one aspect of renovating that you don’t want to repeat!

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