Classic tiles create a timeless background that brings the rest of the room together rather than being the focal point.

Your tiles are not something you want to change regularly – this would not only be a huge inconvenience, it would also be extremely expensive!


Choosing a classic tile pattern will ensure that you have a base that goes with everything if at any point, you wish to change your colour theme, furniture or accessories to give your home a new lease of life!

Common traits of classic tile patterns:

  • Neutral in colour
  • Classic designs like mosaic or grid patterns
  • Made from terracotta or stone
  • Repetitive patterns

Some examples of classic tile patterns: 

  • Brick pattern. The classic subway look. Rectangular tiles lay in this format work in practically any space.
  • Herringbone patterns. Particularly popular in kitchens, this is the classic look that lays tiles in a zigzag or diagonal formation. Using simple colours and materials, the end result is a sophisticated, clean look.
  • Overlapping designs. Horizontal tiles laid one on top of another are a layout that has been popular since bricks were laid. This design is popular for walls and floors, and is particularly popular in earthy tones.
  • Borders. Simple grid layouts paired with classic borders make an elegant, bold design and add a touch of luxury, especially to bathrooms.
  • Checked patterns. Checks as small or as large as you like are a classic, clean look. Laid in a diagonal way, checked tiles can widen the appearance of narrow hallways and add a touch of class to a bathroom.


Classic tile patterns stand the test of time and never go out of style, which means the room can be redecorated around them as trends change.


Professional tilers such as NRA Tiling will be able to discuss different tile pattern options and make suggestions based on their professional experience. With a decade of experience you can be assured that the result will be a finish that you love, for years to come!

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