If you are renovating or building a new home, choosing tiles will be one of your big decisions.

A big part of the choice comes down to personal taste and the vision for your home. As well as colours, there is also the finish of the tile to consider; gloss, matt or textured?

Here we discuss the options for your tile finishes:

Gloss tiles

Gloss tiles have smooth reflective surfaces that light bounces off, making rooms seem bigger and brighter. This little trick makes them a great option for wall tiles in smaller bathrooms.

They do require to be cleaned often as watermarks can be quite visible but fortunately they are easy to clean, which also makes them ideal for kitchen splash backs.

Matt tiles

Matt tiles offer a traditional and rustic look. They work well as bathroom floor tiles and look great combined with a gloss tile on the wall.

Matt tiles are great for outdoor and living area flooring, as they don’t reflect light quite as much as gloss tiles which can be overwhelming in large spaces.

Textured tiles

Not only suitable for inside the home, many large gloss tiles also come in outdoor versions which offer texture for grip.

If you are tiling a wet area that gets a lot of foot traffic such as around a swimming pool then you will want to opt for a heavily textured tile that offers a lot of slip resistance when wet.

Like all flooring materials, all tile finishes have advantages and disadvantages. The choice of your tile finish will ultimately come down to whether or not you require grip on the surface, and how much grip.

Still unsure about which tile finish to choose in your home? Chat to our specialists at NRA Tiling.

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