How to place feature tiles in your bathroom

Feature tiles now include many more options than just a feature wall.

Feature tiles take a room from plain to instantly stunning. Even the simplest of touches can make a room a standout.

A rule of thumb is to only use feature tiles in a space there you will see and enjoy them most!

Here are or key tips when it comes to feature tiles in bathrooms:

Create zones

Feature tiles can work similar to rugs in living spaces; tiles can create areas and zones by changing the texture and shape of the tiles in certain spaces in the bathroom.

To draw attention to a feature

Using feature tiles in areas such as shower niches and recess are a popular option that can accentuate a feature and make a simple shower cubicle far more desirable.

Feature floors

Flooring can trick the eye, for example a dark or patterned floor can surprisingly make a small room seem much larger and are a good option for smaller rooms that have no clear option for a feature wall. A feature floor adds style without overwhelming the small space and adds elegance in a larger bathroom.

Highlight what you want to draw attention to

Feature tiles can draw attention to a certain area and also take away from an area you’d rather go unseen.

Create the illusion of more space

Feature tiles can make a bathroom feel more spacious if used correctly. For example if a bathroom is wider than it is long, then continuing a run of the floor tile up the back of the opposite wall can instantly lengthen the room.

Feature tiles need careful consideration. Ask the advice and opinion of a professional who will be able to offer suggestions that you might not dare to think of! Contact NRA Tiling today and be ready to be wowed!

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