Tiles or timber flooring? You have a battle on your hands!  

Whether you’re building or renovating out of all the decisions you will make flooring choice is one of the most important.

Tiling and timber are the two most common flooring options. Both are easy to clean and have aesthetic appeal, so which should you choose?

We list the pro’s and con’s of each flooring option to hopefully make your decision a little easier.

Timber flooring pro’s

  • Feels soft underfoot
  • Retains heat and is warmer underfoot
  • Is timeless and compliments almost any decor
  • Can be re-sanded to look new again

Timber flooring con’s

  • Can scratch quite easily 
  • Can creak until fully settled 
  • The colour will change slightly over time, areas in high foot traffic will look worn over time 
  • Requires regular maintenance such as sealing 
  • Expensive 
  • Not suitable for high-moisture climates or rooms 

Tile flooring pro’s

  • Tiles are available in a range of budgets, styles, sizes and colours to suit any wall or floor
  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Suitable for all rooms as non-slip textures are also available for bathrooms etc.

Tile flooring con’s

  • Harder and colder underfoot compared to timber
  • Styles can be discontinued which can cause issues if you damage any or need extra
  • down the track
  • Textured tiles tend to be harder to clean as they trap dirt and dust

Consider the decor, your lifestyle and budget before making your flooring choice. It will then be a matter of weighing up the pro’s and con’s to make an informed decision for your lifestyle.

If tiles are your choice, NRA Tiling offer a friendly, professional, and reliable bathroom and kitchen tiling services and come with rave reviews.

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