Tiles are durable and attractive, making re-tiling a top choice for a home renovation.

They’re also long lasting, when installed correctly by a tiling professional.

However there are many adventurous home renovators who can’t resist attempting to re-do their tiles themselves!

In most cases this is to save money, but what anyone considering a DIY tiling job needs to understand is that there are so many potential problems with tile installation if not done properly.

Some issues that can arise with DIY tiling:

  • Improper preparation. Because you can’t see under the tiles often people make the mistake of thinking they can get away with a sub-par and rushed preparation job. However, sloppy surface preparation will lead to expensive mistakes down the track and likely damage to the tiles within a few months.
  • Not purchasing enough tiles. DIY tilers may not be aware that despite being extremely durable when they’re laid, ceramic tiles are prone to cracking pre-installation. If trying to be thrifty a DIY tiler may only purchase what you think you need to get the job done and realise part way through that they don’t have enough materials.
  • Improper installation. Failing to install tiles and grout properly can be a tiling disaster down the track. Think leaking bathroom tiles, wonky or cracked floor tiles. Once the tiles are installed it’s extremely expensive and sometimes impossible to ‘fix’ without a total re-do.

Updating the tiling in your home is a sure fire way to make it look brand new, and often increase the value. But a dodgy tiling job can actually decrease the value, not only because a dodgy tiling job can look unprofessional but also many issues can arise from tiles or grout not being correctly installed which can be extremely expensive to repair.

If you want to be 100% happy with your new tiles and eliminate any room for error, NRA Tiling can complete your bathroom, kitchen, floor or commercial tiling job, giving you a new tiled area you’ll love!

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