Bathroom Waterproofing Brisbane

Professional bathroom waterproofing BrisbaneIf the bathroom waterproofing in your Brisbane home is failing – you need help. Discovering a leak in your bathroom is seriously troubling and we don’t just mean a leaky tap.

Water damage from an improperly waterproofed bathroom can be costly to repair and at times difficult to access. Whether you are renovating or building a completely new home, bathroom waterproofing should be at the top of your list of priorities.

For professional bathroom waterproofing Brisbane residents trust, NRA Tiling should be your first call.

What Is Waterproofing And Why Is It Important?

Waterproofing refers to an impenetrable barrier or membrane that is applied to the walls and subfloors of your bathroom before tiling. Waterproofing takes time and is a 3 step process entailing:

  1. Preparing the surface for waterproofing, ensuring there are no large gaps in the sub-floor or walls and that everything is sound before priming with a bonding adhesive;
  2. Application of the bond breaker. This is made of fabric or rubber and helps to completely cover any gaps in difficult spots: areas such as the corners of the room, around drains and fittings like taps; and
  3. The membrane – at least two coats – applied at right angles with each other. This membrane must be allowed to completely dry before tiling can be done.

Aside from structural issues, bathrooms are also one of the biggest drawcards for buyers and renters when inspecting a home. They represent a significant investment when renovating or building. The absolute last thing you want is to have to demolish a brand new bathroom due to poor waterproofing.

This is why bathroom waterproofing for your Brisbane build is incredibly important; it is the foundation for a quality bathroom that lasts.

Brisbane bathroom waterproofingWhat Happens If Your Bathroom Is Improperly Waterproofed?

Without proper waterproofing, each time you shower, water and steam can seep through the grout into the walls or floor beneath. This penetration of moisture into the structure of your home is damaging and dangerous. It can lead to the growth of mould and mildew and rot the underlying materials.

As a result, a portion, or more likely, all of your bathroom will need to be demolished and the damage repaired. Sometimes, this damage can extend well beyond just the bathroom. This can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in repair and refinishing costs.


Benefits Of Only Using A Licensed Waterproofer

Australian Standard 3740 is a building code that sets out in detail the minimum expectation for bathroom waterproofing in your Brisbane property. This relates to areas that must be waterproofed and to what height. However, it is not uncommon to have contractors fail to meet this standard. In Queensland, a building surveyor needs to sign off on your waterproofing before your bathroom can be completed.

It is also worth noting that bathrooms, both new and renovated, require a building permit, meaning only licensed tradespeople should be used. Only a qualified waterproofer should undertake your bathroom waterproofing. Waterproofing is not a job to be undertaken by DIYers – problems, stress, mess!!! With NRA Tiling, the bathroom waterproofing Brisbane specialists, there will be no problems, no stress, and no mess!

A licensed waterproofer:

  • handles all the mess and complicated process of waterproofing;
  • ensures all Australian standards are met or exceeded, meaning no issues with the building surveyor and no hold-ups on your build/renovation;
  • understands exactly where problem areas are and how to ensure a perfectly watertight bathroom. This is especially important if your bathroom is upstairs or you have timber flooring; and
  • guarantees their work, so should a leak occur, it is on them to fix it.

Call NRA Tiling today for bathroom waterproofing Brisbane homeowners trust.

Bathrooms need to withstand exposure to large amounts of moisture over lengthy and continual periods

Brisbane’s best bathroom waterproofingExpertise Matters – Bathroom Waterproofing In Brisbane

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘buy cheap, buy twice’? This is definitely a sentiment that applies to bathroom waterproofing Brisbane. It’s not that waterproofing is particularly expensive in the scheme of a bathroom renovation, but it is true that qualifications matter.

Engaging an improperly trained contractor to carry out waterproofing is never a good idea. If not done well, you may not be approved to continue with your build or renovation. Additionally, you could end up with expensive water damage, having to rip out your new bathroom and start over.

NRA Tiling are the experts in bathroom waterproofing for Brisbane and surrounds, they guarantee their work and are committed to quality. That means your waterproofing will be done once and done right, protecting your investment.

For quality bathroom waterproofing in Brisbane, NRA Tiling offers quality workmanship, competitive pricing and experience. Call now to speak to one of our experienced tradesmen.