The Quality Brisbane Tiler


Tiling is not a complicated trade. But it is a unique skill to tile correctly, ensure it is water tight, ensure that the tiles are perfectly evenly and ensure the surface lasts through years of punishment from foot traffic, spilt drinks and food and of course weather. Don’t risk doing it yourself, just call us we are “Exper tilers in Brisbane”.

What tiles can i use outside?

The short answer is just about any tile, as long as it durable. When picking your favourite outdoor tile you should take into consideration not only the look but the feel under foot in all weather conditions, ie smooth surfaced tiles when wet can be slippery.  You can also check how porous the tile is and the water absorbency rate. We usually suggest natural stone, slate, porcelain or terra cotta tile in an outdoor area, particularly if exposed to the weather or uncovered.

 Will this tile be too slippery on the floor?

When it comes to being slippery. The finish of the tile is crucial. The general rule of thumb is, if the tile is glossy, it will most likely be slipper when wet. If you use a gloss tile and can decrease the size of the tile, the grout joins may increase the grip. We suggest not to use gloss tiles on floors in wet areas.

What tiles can I use in a wet area?

You can once again use just about any tile you want in a wet area, however consideration should be taken for non slip, or slip resistant surfaces or finishes with a  water absorption rating, particularly if using in the kitchen bathroom or laundry.

What types of tiles are best for the floor?

When you think about tiling your floors and hallways, you should be thinking about durability. Most floor spaces you are tiling in your homes are high traffic or living areas. Your floor sees for more wear than your walls!.