Shower Waterproofing Brisbane

Brisbane’s best shower waterproofingShower waterproofing in your Brisbane home is the foundation of a great bathroom. There is nothing like a hot shower to start your day or to wash the stress of the day away.

A great shower and beautiful bathroom is not only enjoyable but adds value to your home. So what happens if your shower waterproofing fails and water begins to leak through to the foundations of your home?

The damage and remediation work from a leaking shower can extend into the tens of thousands. The best way to avoid this is to ensure quality shower waterproofing. For the best shower waterproofing in Brisbane, you need NRA Tiling.

Why Does Shower Waterproofing Matter?

Bathrooms are a constantly wet area. For any other room in your home, this would pose a major concern. In a bathroom, however, waterproofing ensures you can enjoy the steamiest of showers or overflowing baths without issue.

Showers are particularly important to waterproof as they face the most constant, heavy presence of water. Showers also have many awkward corners and edges that can pool or direct water away from the drain. Properly waterproofing your shower ensures that an impenetrable membrane exists between your home’s foundations and any water.

Should water permeate this membrane, it can cause the foundations of your home to rot, as well as causing dangerous mould and mildew problems. To correct this issue, your entire shower or bathroom may need to be removed and underlying foundations repaired before starting over.

NRA Tiling understands that bathrooms represent a significant investment both as a renovation project or in a new build. This is why it’s important to invest in a licensed waterproofer, such as NRA Tiling, for your shower waterproofing in Brisbane.

Properly waterproofing your shower ensures that an impenetrable membrane exists between your home’s foundations and any water

Can I Waterproof My Shower Myself?

Brisbane shower waterproofingIn Queensland and New South Wales, legislation stipulates that your shower and bathroom can only be waterproofed by a licensed waterproofer.

Additionally, renovating a bathroom, as with any new build, can require approval. In particular, a certified building inspector is required to approve your shower waterproofing in Brisbane, QLD and NSW prior to the job progressing.

This means that waterproofing should be left to the experts, not undertaken as a DIY project. When done well, waterproofing should last at least 10 years, if not longer, without issue.

It is important to note that waterproofing is a specific skill with specialised training. You may like to hire a waterproofer independently or your plumber or tiler may also hold the relevant qualifications.

It is always best to check this before work starts as this is the best way to avoid any future problems.

What To Do If You Discover Your Shower Is Leaking

Sometimes, waterproofing fails and leaks occur. Tellingly, 90% of waterproofing failures occur due to poor workmanship at installation. Just as a house relies on solid foundations, a great, leak-proof shower relies on proper preparation via waterproofing. There are a few reasons why your shower might be leaking –

Waterproofing fails when:

  • There is a failure to properly prepare the surface. Your shower needs to be smooth, with major crevices or joins as small as possible before applying a bonding primer.
  • Selection of the wrong materials. Not all waterproofing materials are the same and not all are suitable for use in a shower or bathroom. Choosing the wrong material can mean rapid failure of the waterproofing.
  • Adhesive failure. If there is any residual moisture present on the surfaces being waterproofed, it can cause the adhesive to fail to bond. This compromises the integrity of the final result and leads to damage.

Professional shower waterproofing BrisbaneA fully qualified and licensed waterproofer understands all these risk factors. They assess the environmental factors and account for any possible building movement, adding longevity to your shower waterproofing and protecting your investment.

By choosing an expert to handle your waterproofing, you’re also assured that should any issues arise, it is on them to handle the repairs.

Shower Waterproofing By Brisbane Experts

Don’t compromise the structural integrity of your home by improperly waterproofing your shower. Engage NRA Tiling and enjoy professional and quality work you can trust for your shower waterproofing in Brisbane.

We are committed to providing quality workmanship and guarantee all our waterproofing. Not only can we handle your waterproofing to industry standards but we are also the experts in tiling. We make your bathroom build or renovation easy as we can handle the entire process from start to finish.

Ensure your shower is perfectly watertight and your bathroom built to last; contact NRA Tiling today to arrange a free quote.