Tile Removal Cost  Brisbane

What is the Tile Removal Cost in Brisbane?

Professional Tile Removal Cost in BrisbaneLike any other removal job, the tile removal cost Brisbane homeowners can expect to encounter depends on the size and simplicity of the required task.

Some basic factors include surface area, tiles, and whether or not any reparations need to be done. For the most part, tiles will need to be removed in order to lay new ones down. This may allow you to combine the job with an installation project, lowering the cost compared to what it would have been as a stand-alone gig.

In terms of what it costs to hire high-quality professionals who will do a quality job quickly, it can range from anywhere between $45 per hour and $150 per hour. Again, this depends on the type of job, the individual business, and any additional extra tasks which may arise along the way.

It is a smart choice to combine tile removal and installation costs by using the same quality tilers for both. This way, you can be sure that everything that is being done in the initial removal is keeping the future installation in mind.

If you used two separate teams for the jobs, the second lot of professionals will need to double check the quality of the first job, adding an unnecessary cost.

With years in the business and a keen commitment to quality, NRA Tiling has the team to tackle any tile. So call the team at NRA Tiling today to chat through what the next steps are moving forward.

It is a smart choice to combine tile removal and installation costs by using the same quality tilers for both

Best Tile Removal Cost using professional tilers in BrisbaneWhat’s the Tile Removal Cost if my Brisbane Home Has Asbestos Floor Tiles?

While most tile removals are simple and straightforward, it starts to get particularly difficult when you add asbestos into the mix. If removed incorrectly, asbestos may cause lung damage which can potentially result in severe health issues.

With Asbestos tiles, it’s more important than ever to consult a professional to make sure the job is looked after completely, leaving no nasty particles in your business or residence. Removing asbestos tiles will generally cost between $25 and $50 per metre however it’s best to get a professional in to give you an accurate quote. Contact NRA Tiling to take charge of tomorrow’s problem today.

What Are the Risks of Removing Tiles Yourself?

If you’re looking to cut the tile removal cost in Brisbane, removing the tiles yourself can be a tempting option but it does come with some risks. If you are inexperienced or ill-equipped for the job, removing the tiles yourself can risk damage to what’s underneath. It’s always a good idea to consult a tiling expert before you take any action which may result in costly mistakes.

The expert and friendly team at NRA Tiling will be happy to take you through what is required and answer any questions you might have around the tile removal cost in Brisbane and the process.

Are There Alternative Options to Save on Tile Removal Cost in Brisbane?

It is by far the best option to hire a professional tile removal specialist to get the job done. However, there are some alternatives that you could consider. In some cases, it might suit you to not remove the tiles at all. Instead of removing the initial layer, your tiling experts may be able to lay your new tiles or another flooring on top of the original tiles, depending on their condition.

If the job you need doing requires placing a layer of ceramic tiles on top of other tiles, you may be able to get your tiling team to sand away the top layer of the old tiles before placing down the new tiles. This option may not always be an option and will be dependent on your chosen new flooring.  It is best if you consult professional tilers who can advise you on the best course for both removal and installation.

Professional Tile Removal Cost

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