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Southside Brisbane’s tilersHave a new build or renovating your bathroom and require a quality tiler on Brisbane’s Southside? NRA Tilers should be your first call.

Quality tiling work can make or break the final result of your home’s tiled areas. When done well, tiling adds value and appeal; it also lasts longer and performs better.

Messy grout, and poorly cut and affixed tiles can completely ruin the finished result of your tiling. Redoing tiling is a lengthy and labour intensive job, so it is important to get it right the first time.

Additionally, in wet areas, waterproofing needs to be carried out by a licensed professional before tiling, making the need to speak with highly qualified experts before undertaking your own tiling, incredibly important.

When done well, tiling adds value and appeal; it also lasts longer and performs better

Why You Should Invest In An Expert Tiler On Brisbane’s Southside

It’s no secret that bathroom and kitchen renovations can be expensive. It may be tempting to think that you can save money by doing the tiling work yourself. Tiling, however, is not an area where you should attempt DIY.

Undertaking your own tiling work can leave your renovation project or new build looking less than impressive. So, while there is no ruling that you cannot do your own tiling, we highly recommend against doing so.

There are a huge number of reasons you should employ an expert tiler for your Brisbane Southside home:

  • They have the required tools, saving you money or hiring or buying them
  • They understand how to accurately measure so you do not over or under order materials
  • Less risk of errors, so no time wasted or needed for additional purchasing of materials
  • They ensure the surface is properly prepped and suitable, adding longevity to the tiling
  • Uniform spacing, perfect grouting and less chance of water damage from poorly applied tiles
  • No voiding of warranties: Tiles will often come with a warranty and hidden in the fine print is usually a clause about only using a professional for installation. Failure to do so voids the warranty on your expensive purchase
  • Optimal aesthetics: Your tiling will stand out for all the right reasons when handled by a seasoned professional
  • Properly laid tiles last and last. They are also easier to clean and maintain

Jobs Suited To A Tiler

Brisbane Southside tilersTilers can help with a whole range of tiling jobs around your home or business premises. Areas that are suited for professional tiling include:

  • Kitchen, both splashbacks and flooring
  • Bathrooms, flooring, walls, shower stalls
  • Laundries, flooring, and backsplash
  • Balconies
  • Pools
  • General living spaces, bedrooms, entryways, and more

Not just limited to tiling, many tilers are also experts in waterproofing. Waterproofing is a necessary step whenever there will be water present, such as in bathrooms.

NRA Tilers are also licensed and qualified waterproofers in addition to being the premier tilers on Brisbane’s Southside.

As any expert tiler will tell you, the tiling is only as good as the waterproofing and preparation underneath. This is why NRA Tiling can handle every aspect of the job for you, to ensure a seamless and quality result from start to finish.

What Can You Expect From Your Tiler

Engaging expert tilers on Brisbane’s Southside such as NRA tilers takes the hard work out of tiling at your home. Our tilers:

  • work out the exact quantity of materials needed to carry out the required work, ensuring minimal waste or any additional expenditure
  • prepare old or new work surfaces ensuring old tiles, grout, cement or adhesive is removed
  • repair and fill any holes or cracks to create the optimal work surface
  • properly execute and complete all waterproofing to Queensland Legislation
  • accurately cut and position all tiles, apply them using an appropriate adhesive, prepare and apply the grouting, followed by a thorough cleaning and polishing of the tiles

Our tilers handle all the heaving lifting, awkward cutting angles, and any confined workspaces with ease. Should it be needed, they can work safely at heights and when required, we can carry out levelling works before floor tiling commences. For versatile and flexible tilers Brisbane Southside homeowners trust, contact NRA Tiling.

Pro tilers Brisbane SouthsideWe can work with various materials such as:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Glass
  • Terrazzo
  • Clay
  • Slate
  • Marble

Should you need advice or guidance about the most suitable tiling material for your home, we are more than happy to advise.

Tilers On Brisbane’s Southside That You Can Trust

Don’t waste your time and money attempting to tile your own home. Engage the most professional tilers on Brisbane’s Southside and relax knowing your tiling project will be done expertly and to the highest standard.

For quality and guaranteed workmanship, you need the best tilers Brisbane Southside has to offer, contact NRA Tiling today for a free quote.