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Brisbane and Western Suburbs TilersThe Number One Tilers Brisbane Western Suburbs residents turn to

NRA Tiling are the go-to tilers in Brisbane Western suburbs, as well as greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, and the Gold Coast. With more than twenty years in the industry, we are well-equipped to take on any job you throw at us regardless of how complex or straightforward it may be.

We are committed to giving you the best service possible for any job, including exceptional customer service, clear and transparent communication, and most importantly the highest quality tilers Brisbane Western Suburbs homeowners recommend.

What Do Tilers Brisbane Western Suburbs Do?

Best Brisbane Western Suburbs TilersNRA Tiling is an all-services tiling company meaning we can complete all the different requirements of a tiling job whether that’s removal, sourcing materials, or installing your new floor.

Booking the same team for multiple jobs is a good way of saving time, frustration, and double costs for extras added on by some companies to check work already completed by the previous tiling company.

For example, choosing NRA Tiling for both your waterproofing and new tile installation means that the team undertaking the waterproofing process is already thinking about what has to be done later on when it comes to the installation.

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Outdoor Tilers in Brisbane Western Suburbs

When transforming your outdoor space, it’s important to consider the ground you’ll be walking on. We know how hot it can be in the summer in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs. Choosing the right tile which can keep cool when it heats up is a smart decision to ensure the comfort of you and your guests (especially the furry ones!).

With our expert knowledge and honest advice, NRA Tiling can help you make your outdoor space special and spectacular. Get your outdoor tiling job underway today.

Choosing the right tile for the right space is very important

Professional Tilers in Brisbane Western SuburbsKitchen Tilers in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs

The kitchen for some people really is the heart of their home. It’s where meals are cooked, conversations are had, and experiences shared. Having the right aesthetic can make or break an important space such as the kitchen.

With the kitchen tilers at NRA Tiling, your kitchen can not only look great but be a fantastic functional space too.

Three Reasons to Go with NRA Tiling

Quality workmanship

For us here at NRA Tiling, quality workmanship means commitment. Commitment to the customer, and commitment to the job. What this looks like is our dedication and ability to deliver amazing results at the most competitive prices is constantly improving. It means checking every surface to ensure it’s level, sturdy, and free of excess debris and imperfections. It means using only the best quality tiles without the biggest price tags. We think ahead to ensure that all future possibilities are thought about far in advance. Solve tomorrow’s problem today with NRA Tiling.

Excellent Communication

Clear, concise, and transparent communication is what sets us apart from the competition. This is the difference between feeling anxious about the progress of a job and feeling confident in the team transforming your space. Our 20 plus years in the industry speaks for itself and guarantees you exceptional quality on all jobs we undertake, but it is the communication that elevates our customer experience.

Feel secure and in the know with the team at NRA Tiling. We are always happy to discuss your tiling options and, most importantly, we listen!

Respect and Professionalism

“Sloppy”, “messy”, and “inconsiderate” are three words you will never have to use when it comes to our team. It makes us so happy when customers walk into their newly tiled space and are amazed by the results. We leave things better than when we found them. That is why our team is driven by respect and the timeless professionalism which makes all the difference.

When deciding on tilers Brisbane Western Suburbs, look no further than NRA Tiling. Our friendly team are looking forward to meeting you and getting started on your next tiling project!