Tiling and Waterproofing Brisbane

Professional Tiling and Waterproofing BrisbaneWant quality tiling and waterproofing in your Brisbane home? For the very best in tiling and waterproofing in Brisbane, contact NRA Tilers. Whether it’s for a new build or a long-awaited renovation, you shouldn’t skimp on the details. Our quality workmanship is guaranteed to last and ensure you can enjoy the time and effort put into your home for many years to come.

Working out your expenses for new tiling? Does it involve waterproofing? It can be tempting to attempt waterproofing yourself to save money. However, engaging a qualified and experienced tiler and waterproofer, like NRA Tiling, can actually save you money in the long run.

The Importance Of Properly Executed Tiling And Waterproofing in Brisbane Properties

Like every well-built home relies on its foundation, outstanding tiling relies on perfectly executed waterproofing and preparation. Even in areas where no waterproofing is required, it is critical to for the end result that the area be expertly prepared. Failure to do so can mean a wasted build or renovation that has to be completely gutted and started again.

When Waterproofing Fails

Should your waterproofing be done incorrectly by an unqualified or unlicensed contractor you may face:

  • Structural damage such as rotten timbers or concrete corrosion from constant water seepage through the membrane.
  • Mould and mildew growth both inside and outside the wall cavity.
  • Popped tiles and grout breakdown from pooled water beneath.
  • Complete failure of the membrane requiring demolition and extensive remedial works.

For all Queensland builds and renovations, waterproofing must be undertaken by a fully qualified and licensed professional. Work is not permitted to continue until the waterproofing has been inspected and passed by a building surveyor. Just another reason to hire NRA Tiling to manage it all for you.

Aesthetic Perfection That Is Worth The Investment

Best Tiling and Waterproofing BrisbaneWith tiling, sure you can attempt it yourself, but more often than not the final result will be lackluster. It is worth investing in a professional who can ensure the perfect cuts, placement, spacing, levelling, grouting and finishing of your tiling.

“It is worth investing in a professional who can ensure the perfect cuts, placement, spacing, levelling, grouting and finishing of your tiling”

When done well, tiling work, particularly in bathrooms, can add great appeal and value to your home. When done poorly, it can completely detract from the finishing of the room and potentially contribute to future damage, such as in shower stalls where tiles are used to direct water to the drain.

What We Do Differently in Tiling and Waterproofing that Brisbane Clients Love

At NRA Tiling we handle all aspects of tiling and waterproofing for your Brisbane based project. For residential or commercial works we:

  • measure and quote in detail, allowing accurate ordering of materials;
  • advise about the correct and best wearing materials for the area to be tiled;
  • prepare all surfaces thoroughly to ensure the optimal end result;
  • where required, waterproof to a standard that exceeds those set out in government legislation;
  • measure, cut, space and place tiles to maximise their appearance and use, minimising wastage and errors;
  • grout, clean and polish for a pristine and impressive finish; and.
  • handle remedial works for improperly waterproofed or tiled areas.

Brisbane's Best Tiling and WaterproofingRemedial Waterproofing

Should you discover a leak in an old bathroom or one that has recently been completed, it is important to contact the professionals for a thorough assessment.

A leak, when caught early may be a much more simple process to repair than one that is ignored or ‘patched up’ incorrectly.

It may well be possible to recover a leak without pulling apart the entire area but only a professional waterproofer should make this decision. Call us today to find out.

Our team can tile and waterproof just about anywhere, even at heights! We cover:

  • kitchen, both splashbacks and flooring;
  • bathrooms, flooring, walls, shower stalls;
  • laundries, flooring and backsplash;
  • balconies;
  • pools; and
  • general living spaces, bedrooms, entryways and more.

We also can expertly tile with a variety of materials such as slate, ceramic, terrazzo, clay, glass and marble.

Tiling And Waterproofing Made Easy In Brisbane

Not all tilers can also handle your waterproofing, this is one of the things that sets NRA Tilers apart from the competition. We are fully qualified in both trades. By engaging us to handle your tiling, we take care of the entire job from start to finish. Making for a more seamless, consistent approach that leads to exceptional results.

With years of experience and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our family-owned and run business puts you first. We offer professional, practical advice to help you make the right decisions for your home. Our affordable rates mean you can enjoy the long-lasting and beautiful results of quality tiling and waterproofing in your Brisbane home.

Call us today and experience the NRA Tiling difference.