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Brisbane Professional Tiling CompaniesOne of the Best Tiling Companies Brisbane Has to Offer

With so many tiling companies in Brisbane, why should you choose NRA Tiling to work with you on your next project?

We have the quality workmanship, excellent communication, and the respect and professionalism to help you achieve the best result possible, above all other tiling companies Brisbane. It’s these three central pillars that have become our guiding core principles.

Quality workmanship

In the tiling industry, quality workmanship can mean different things, so we want to be clear about what it means to us. At NRA Tiling, quality workmanship means ensuring our preparation work to ensure it is 100% ready for the new tiles. It means checking the quality and suitability of the tiles for their intended purpose. It means being aware of the space where they will be laid and taking into consideration any weather implications, e.g. humidity or water runoff. It means ensuring the end result is perfect in every way!

Best Tiling Companies BrisbaneExcellent Communication

At NRA Tiling, we know how crucial communication can be. Clear and consistent communication is the difference between feeling anxious and feeling secure when it comes to all aspects of the job.

We believe that our years in the industry and high commitment to customer satisfaction, make us are worthy of your trust.  We will go above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable and confident with the work we are delivering. If at any point you should have questions or concerns, we will always listen.

Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today.


Conducting good research and working with professionals to avoid simple mistakes will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run

Respect and Professionalism

One of the most common complaints that customers have when they come to us, is that the other tiling companies are sloppy, messy, lazy and don’t communicate.

We know you want nothing more than to walk into your house and be amazed by the stunning tiles and the glistening finish. That is why our team is driven by respect and the timeless professionalism which makes all the difference.

What Do Tiling Companies Brisbane Do?

At NRA Tiling, we offer a wide range of services to suit your needs. Whether you’re re-flooring, installing a pool, or waterproofing your bathroom, we are the people to go to for the best result at the most competitive price. The full list of services we offer includes outdoor tiling, floor tiling, waterproofing, pool tiling, kitchen tiling, wall tiling, and tile removal.

To find out more or ask any questions you might have, contact the friendly team today.

Best local Tiling Companies in BrisbaneHow Will Working with Tiling Companies in Brisbane Help Me?

Working with tiling companies can take your Brisbane home from special to spectacular in an instant. Professional tilers know exactly what qualities to look for in a tile, whether it’s for your pool, bathroom, kitchen, walls or floor. They will help you decide on things like aesthetics, safety, durability, and quality. Paying for professional help now will save you costs down the line.

Some Tips to Help You Work with Tiling Companies in Brisbane

Check your Choice of Tiling Company

It sounds silly but you should always make sure that your chosen tiling company is reputable and has all the right qualifications for the job at hand. You should look for qualities in your tiler like the ones you can see in the NRA Tiling team. Attributes like quality workmanship, excellent communication, and professionalism can mean the difference between a special tiling job and a spectacular one!

Confirm the Cost Before Commencing

You will be able to request a detailed written quote on the job before tiling companies in Brisbane commence work. This will allow you to agree on the price and see exactly what you’re being charged for. You may also like to chat with past customers and request to see previous jobs. It is not uncommon for tiling companies Brisbane homeowners choose to be asked these questions and we will not be offended.

As a high-quality tiling company, at NRA Tiling, we are eager to show off the work that we’re very proud of. Contact us today for your next tiling project – you won’t be disappointed.