Tiling Contractors Brisbane

Why Engage A Tiling Contractor

Best Brisbane tiling contractorsThere are a great many reasons why you should engage a tiling contractor for your build or renovation. The biggest of all is that it makes things easier for you! There are no regulations in Queensland stating that you cannot complete tiling work yourself, unlike waterproofing which requires a licensed contractor.

This doesn’t mean however that you should attempt it yourself, the reasons being:

  • Tiling is an artform: when laid well, tiles are eye-catching for all the right reasons. When done by someone lacking in experience, it is immediately obvious. Matching patterns, creating unique laying styles, and ensuring expert cuts is not as easy as you might think.
  • Specialised tools: Tiling contractors in Brisbane have all the necessary tools for the trade and experience to use them.
  • Skilled: many tiling contractors are multi-skilled and are also licensed waterproofers, such as NRA Tiling, making for a seamless experience with optimal results.
  • Measure twice, cut once: measuring and ordering the right quantities of materials can be difficult to get right. An experienced tiling contractor saves you money and stress with ordering ie no over or under ordering.
  • Things can go wrong: all the mess, stress, and clean-up are dealt with by your tiler.

Seeking quality tiling contractors Brisbane residents trust? No matter the size of the job, commercial or residential, NRA Tiling should be your first call.

Engaging an expert tiling contractor can save you money and stress

Brisbane tiling contractorsWhat Does A Tiling Contractor Do

A professional tiling contractor in Brisbane will handle every aspect of your tiling job from start to finish. This may involve:

  • Preparation of the area, including leveling, filling cracks or gaps, removing old tiles, adhesive grout and cement.
  • Waterproofing for bathrooms or wetrooms (when licensed to do so).
  • Planning and setting up a job to allow for fewer errors and better efficiency. This will include laying out some tiles to check for the best pattern, colour, and texture arrangement.
  • Laying tiles using appropriate adhesive and ensuring visual appeal, whether due to patterns or shapes.
  • Creating expert cuts and shaping around fixtures and fittings.
  • Making sure everything is spaced and levelled correctly, as well as creating gradients to direct water, such as in shower stalls.
  • Mixing, applying, and cleaning up the grout.
  • Polishing and cleaning up after completing the job at hand.

7 Tips to Finding The Right Tiling Contractors In Brisbane

When trying to locate the ideal tiling contractor in Brisbane, there are some key elements you should take into account to ensure the right fit for the job.

  1. Check for feedback and reputation: this may be via reviews online or your local tile supply store. These stores will often have recommendations for trusted tiling contractors in Brisbane that they work with.
  2. Always ask for a detailed quote in writing and agree to all pricing before a job commences.
  3. Ask for examples of previous work: if a tiler is confident and proud of their work, they will not mind showing it to you.
  4. Shop around: as tilers, we understand that you want to know you’re getting the best price possible. Three quotes to compare is usually standard. Always speak to us if you get a cheaper price and ensure you’re comparing apples for apples. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better.
  5. Expect to pay more for complex tiling work such as mosaics: these are time consuming to execute well. If the price seems too low, it’s likely the tiler is not going to spend ample time on the job and the results will show it.
  6. The best tiling contractors in Brisbane will discuss any possible issues or changes needed to the area prior to tiling. They want their work to last and be something they’re proud of; they will not patch over or ignore problems.
  7. Quality tilers will ask for your opinion and guidance on all expectations prior to the job commencing. They want you to be as happy with the end result as possible. Knowing your preferred laying pattern, tile spacing, and grouting colour is all part of this.

Brisbane professional tiling contractorsThe NRA Tiling Difference

Not all tiling contractors in Brisbane are equal. NRA Tiling have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and are committed to customer satisfaction.

We take enormous pride in our work and our reputation shows this. No matter the size of the job, our dedication remains the same.

Our multi-skilled staff are fully licensed waterproofers as well as tilers, so there is no need to engage multiple contractors. Our aim is for the smoothest, most stress free completion of your tiling work, with the most outstanding results.

For the very best in tiling contractors in Brisbane, call NRA tiling today for your free quote.