Tiling Services Brisbane

If you are undertaking a new home build or renovations, chances are you will need expert tiling services in Brisbane. A beautifully done and well-executed tiling job adds a serious wow factor to your home. Whether selling and wanting maximum appeal or staying put to enjoy the fruits of your labour, investing in tiling services in Brisbane means you can enjoy your home at its best.

NRA Tiling services Brisbane can help you achieve the very best results.

Professional tiling services BrisbaneWhy You Shouldn’t DIY Your Tiling

Queensland has strict legislation around waterproofing wet areas in advance of tiling. They do not, however, have any regulations regarding tiling. Coupled with the perceived high cost of employing a tiler, many people attempt to do their own tiling as a DIY job.

DIY is not as easy as you think. So many things can go wrong when doing DIY tiling.  No one wants the problems, the mess and the stress. It’s a job best left to the professional tiling services Brisbane residents turn to, NRA tiling.

Tiling is an art form and no amount of YouTube tutorials can give you the required expertise to create a functional, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing result

9 Top Reasons To Employ A Tiler instead of attempting DIY

  1. All spaces will be measured and assessed accurately for correct ordering, meaning no over or under ordering and no incorrect products.
  2. They have all the specialist tools required for the job, saving you money on buying or hiring them.
  3. Tilers prepare the area in full and to a high standard before tiling, removing old tile adhesive, patching gaps and filling cracks, optimising the end result, and adding longevity to the tiling work.
  4. Multi-skilled tilers, such as those at NRA Tiling are also fully licensed waterproofers, saving you time and effort in employing multiple trades and allowing for a seamless job from start to finish.
  5. Tilers plan ahead, laying out the tiles to understand texture and pattern to allow for the most appealing result.
  6. They are the experts in cutting tiles for awkward areas or shaping around fixtures; they understand gradients for water direction such as in wet areas.
  7. They handle all the heavy lifting of cement and grout bags, tile boxes and removal of waste.
  8. They mix, apply, and clean up after grouting – a seriously messy job!
  9. They leave your tiling ready to use and prepped for the next trade.

The Importance Of Proper Tiling

When tiling is done incorrectly or to a poor standard, it is immediately noticeable. Incorrect pattern layout, poor spacing, uneven levelling or use of incorrect adhesive can ruin your tiling. Imagine having to rip out your shower or flooring due to a sub-par tiling job? This can double or triple the initial costs. This is why it just makes sense to employ professional tiling services Brisbane homeowners choose, to do the job to a high standard the first time.

Brisbane’s best tiling servicesInvesting in quality tiling saves you money in the long run.

Poor tiling also allows water ingress and pooling of water in wet areas. While waterproofing is designed to protect the foundations at a deeper level, tiling still plays an important role in preventing damage.

What We Do For You

At NRA Tiling Services in Brisbane, we handle every aspect of your tiling from start to finish. We’re not just tilers; we are also fully licensed and trained waterproofers.

We have all the tools, expertise, experience and knowledge needed to create beautiful and long-lasting tiled areas in your home.

Areas We Can Tile

Far from being just for bathrooms and kitchens, we can also tile:

  • Laundries
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Balconies
  • Pools
  • Courtyards and more

Need to tile at heights or in a cramped, awkward area? Significant levelling and preparation required? We can handle this with ease.

Brisbane Tiling ServicesMaterials We Work With

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are adept at working with a range of tile materials such as:

  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Clay
  • Porcelain
  • Slate
  • Stone
  • Metal and more

Outstanding Quality At Competitive Prices

Trust us when we say you can afford quality tiling services in Brisbane. We are committed to being affordable and accessible no matter the size of the job at hand. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff show up on time every time and take great pride in a job well done.

We offer free quotes and can provide guidance on the best tiles and preparation required for your home. Our customer satisfaction guarantee means that we will never leave a job until you are completely happy with it. It is this integrity and commitment to quality work that sets us apart from the competition.

To experience the best tiling services Brisbane has to offer, contact NRA Tiling today.