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Everything You Need to Know Before Waterproofing Your Brisbane Southside Home

Waterproofing Brisbane Southside – your local waterproofing specialist

Are you waterproofing your Brisbane southside home? One easily forgotten but incredibly necessary part of building or renovating your home is waterproofing.

If you’re on Brisbane Southside, NRA Tiling has the team to help you make sure your home is safe both now and years into the future.

It’s one of those things that you don’t know just how important it is until you really need it and, with waterproofing, by the time you need it, it may be too late. Spending the time waterproofing your home will save you a world of hassle further down the track.

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Some people decide waterproofing is a job they can handle themselves only to have one tiny mistake see them lose money down the drain.

What Needs Waterproofing in my Brisbane Southside Home?

At NRA Tiling, we are experts in waterproofing Brisbane Southside properties in numerous areas including bathrooms, showers, baths, toilets, kitchens, spa baths, balconies, pools, and outdoor spaces.

Some people decide waterproofing is a job they can handle themselves only to have one tiny mistake see them lose money down the drain. Trust the experts and hire a quality tiler to get the job done right the first time around. While it might seem like an unnecessary expense in the short-term, it will save thousands in the long-term.

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Can I Waterproof My Own Property?

Best Waterproofing Brisbane SouthsideQBCC standards dictate that any waterproofing work undertaken in Brisbane that is less than $3,300 in value does not have to be undertaken by a licensed waterproofing company; however, the person who does the work still needs to be able to prove that they are a suitable person to be doing the work.

This rule refers to other licensed tradesmen like builders and handymen. It also means that it is most definitely not a DIY job. If you’re building a home or you’ve contracted a company to complete a renovation, then they will be able to do the waterproofing for you. If you haven’t then you’ll need to contract a licensed waterproofing company to do it for you.


For constantly wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, baths, toilets, and pools that have to withstand large amounts of moisture over extended periods, it is vitally important that waterproofing be done properly. Call and chat with our friendly team today about your waterproofing project.

Does My Kitchen Need Waterproofing?

Professional Waterproofing Brisbane SouthsideMany people don’t realise it but kitchens are designated as wet areas just like bathrooms. While it’s true that it’s very unlikely the whole kitchen will be wet (except in the unfortunate event of flooding), there are taps in the kitchen from which water flows and sinks that can contain water in a similar way to a bath in a bathroom. That is why it is essential that your kitchen is waterproofed!

The key areas which require waterproofing, besides the floor, are the cabinets, splashbacks and countertops/benches. Not only should these made from waterproof materials, but they also need to be sealed around the edges to prevent moisture from seeping into cracks and creating swelling in joints and fixtures.

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